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ASMAG Group -
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Our scope of supply comprises single machines to complete production lines and plants.

Our customers produce tubes, bars and profiles - we supply with perfect equipment and machinery.

ASMAG is a strong, reliable and quality conscious partner. We offer a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment for extrusion, pointing, drawing, straightening, cutting, finishing, testing, as well as stacking and bundling. Many years of experience and expertise distinguish the ASMAG team.

Our dedication to excellence begins long before the sale of a machine or production line. We start by understanding the unique challenges our customers face and the problems they aim to solve with ASMAG products. With these insights, we design tailor-made solutions that are fully manufactured and assembled in our in-house production. Profitability, added value and efficiency are the factors that distinguish the innovative solutions of ASMAG. Following our claim „engineering the impossible“ we are here to transform your vision into reality.

Everything from a single source -

top notch engineering.


Continuous Drawing


Drawing Machine


Harness the efficiency of FCF technology for economical production of shaped tubes, enjoy the flexibility in small batch production ensuring profitability with automated roll adjustment, and significantly boost your production efficiency by up to 80% with universal tool rolls reducing set-up times across various dimensions.

Utilize ASMAG’s next-gen continuous drawing lines for versatile copper and steel tube production, benefiting from innovative features like patented cutting & chamfering for quality bar ends, fully automated straightness measuring for all shapes and alloys, motorized adjustments for profitable small batch production, and robotic feeding for efficient and safe operations.

Discover ASCON’s innovative Continuous Rotary Extrusion (CRE) technology by ASMAG, designed for continuous length product manufacturing in the aluminium and copper industries. Experience enhanced production flexibility with quick changeover capability, catering to diverse outputs like solids, profiles, and tubes, meeting both current and future market needs efficiently.

Delve into the world of straight drawing with ASMAG’s machines, tailored for single and multiple tube draws. Revel in the best of the tube industry with a monitored drawing system, assuring unmatched quality and efficiency in your production. Embrace the seamless integration of the pointing process into the drawing line, and bid farewell to time-consuming tube manipulation, making your operations a paragon of profit and quality.

Experience the future of metal cutting with ASMAG’s DualCut, engineered for superior performance, productivity, and precision. Its innovative clamping system and design enable clean, burr-free cuts at high speeds, ensuring seamless, high-quality production. With a cutting speed of up to 600 m/min and user-friendly operations, DualCut is a valuable investment for any metal cutting enterprise. 


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Why Choose Us?

Engineering the impossible

State of the art technology is fundamental to our principles and how we conduct business, thus we always seek out innovative and improved methods of operation that enable us to lead the field.
We provide top-notch machinery and solutions for your success by collaborating closely with our clients.

Sustainability Goals

Welcome to ASMAG, where sustainability stands at the core of our values and operations. Our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we’re proud to lead by example in our industry. Explore how we are diligently shaping a future that prioritizes eco-consciousness, resource efficiency, and innovative solutions. We categorize sustainability into its three fundamental pillars: environmental, social and economic sustainability, each thoughtfully elaborated in the sections below.


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