Drawing and Stretching Machine

Copper busbar production.

drawing and stretching machine

A highlight from ASMAG is the combined drawing and stretching machine, on which the entire production process from drawing, straightening, sawing, stacking, weighing and packaging takes place extremely cost-effectively on one machine.

In doing so, it is very advantageous that the entire system is easily accessible and easy to operate from one side from the feeding in of the product to its removal. Another advantage is the reduced production time as all process steps are combined and automated in one line. The equipment is ideal for finishing of extruded products from the ASCON machine. 



automated stacking

The finished products are stacked in boxes at the end of the machine in a fully automated process.

highest automation

Fully automized production process from coil to finished straight bar.

efficiency and material savings

Drawing and stretching in one operation mode.