Excellent handling technology and material logistics for the steel tube and copper alloys industry as well as for galvanising lines.

Crane material handling and logistics – the most crucial interfaces of any production facility. They are the core elements that enable a smooth production cycle in the long term. We plan the entire partial or fully automated crane material handling and logistics for wire pickling, pipe treatment, and galvanizing plants with closed process cycles for general cargo or small parts. This also includes existing production facilities of any kind. Each of these plants is implemented individually and according to the most modern specifications at the cutting edge of technology – making them always unique. With competence and an overview, we guide our national and international customers to success. INGENIA was founded in 2001 by Ing. Rudolf Geiersberger, though its experience dates back to the early 1990s. Since 2011, Südpark near Linz has been the home of INGENIA, and since February 1, 2017, INGENIA has been part of the ASMAG group.


INGENIA has always stood for premium quality in material handling and logistics as well as the latest automation technology in wire pickling systems, tube treatment plants and galvanising lines. Progressive thought process. With new people and a sound knowledgebase, we want to make a decisive difference in the construction of modern wire pickling plants, tube treatment systems and galvanising lines. 

“Top quality material, product and service standards in everything that we do” is not only the company’s maxim, but also something approaching a statement of belief. This claim to quality is mirrored by the INGENIA team, which thinks with the mindset of the customers, researches their needs and requirements, and then extrapolates the bases and guidelines for development work. This approach not only leads to individual success, because its essence strengthens the branch as a whole through the creation and maintenance of its sustainability and competitiveness. INGENIA employs its cost-effective and ecologically clean solutions to carefully change and update ossified structures and during this process always adheres to all relevant legal compliances, which frequently differ from country to country. 

INGENIA has a nose for trends and a proactive focus on sensitive future topics, which for example commence with energy and resource efficiency and continue beyond the optimisation of production and logistical sequences 


INGENIA’s values form the foundations of its corporate culture and business success. Equally, they provide the pattern for the company’s corporate behaviour and hence its conduct towards customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. Moreover, apart from first class quality, work and services, these values also govern day-to-day relationships within the Company.

Maximum diligence is employed during planning, completion and subsequent support, as well as in the selection of materials and components, in order to ensure the creation of reliable and cost-efficient complete plants, production and logistics systems.

The company’s technology centre is used for in-house development and testing. In addition INGENIA works closely with external, specialist research companies.

Every order and hence every plant is different. The key to success lies in the best possible interplay of the individual interfaces, production processes and modular logistics concepts.

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