Basket Conveyor and Storage System

Seamless copper tube production.

basket conveyor system

ASMAG has many years of experience with basket conveyor systems for copper tube production and can offer a process-optimised layout to meet customer requirements. ASMAG basket conveyor and storage systems are characterised by optimal warehouse logistics and uninterrupted operation.

In addition, basket conveying on several levels offers a particularly space-saving solution. Thanks to the modular design, you can react flexibly to any changes or expansions of material flow at any time.

Using the modern visualisation system in combination with a database for automated memory management and material tracking, the current position and content of each individual basket can be seen at any time.




All Basket Conveyor and Storage Systems are adapted to the customer's requirements and the conditions on site.


The Basket Storage and Conveyor Systems allows flexible production planning.

production flow

The automatic storage management system allows comprehensive data to be stored about the coil.