Drawing Machine

for copper tubes.

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Drawing machines, also known as Draw over Mandrel (DOM) lines, are one of ASMAG’s core competences. The extensive product range includes machinery and systems for drawing tubes, rods and profiles made of steel, copper, brass and aluminium. The particularly high-performance multiple tube drawing machinery for manufacturing precision steel tubes deserves specific highlighting.

Both chains and rack and pinion drives, which are produced in our own production department, are used as actuators for ASMAG drawing equipment. The machine is designed for each individual customer and tailored to each individual application.



Monitored drawing system

ASMAG developed a measuring system which regulates the production parameters. That is one small step for ASMAG, one giant leap for the tube industry.

unmatched quality

Our robust machinery design combined with automatic operations assures top quality of your tubes.

highest efficiency

By integrating the pointing process into the drawing line, time-consuming tube manipulation can be avoided. Furthermore, the double feeding stanchions ensure an interruption-free line operation.