Spinner Block

Drawing copper tubes has never been more seamless.


Spinner blocks are mainly used to draw copper tubes. The ASMAG spinner block is also well-suited for drawing particularly thin-walled tubes. Because significant parts of the production process from pointing of the tube to the tube feeding into the drawing clamp are automated, manual interventions in the production process are reduced to a minimum. As a result the occupational safety of the operator is increased.

This also contributes to an ergonomic workplace of the machine operator, situated outside of the carousel system. It allows simultaneous operation of two spinner blocks. This intelligent and innovative solution improves both the operator’s freedom of movement, as well as an increase in productivity.




With the control unit located outside the machine, operators can operate several machines at the same time.

automatic operation

Automated plug transportation system.

high speed

High speeds of up to 1500 m/min (almost 5000 ft/min).