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For the last forty years, companies in the tube and profile manufacturing industry have been relying on customized and individual solutions from ASMAG GmbH, which is based in Scharnstein, Austria: Whether you need equipment for extrusion, pointing, drawing, straightening, cutting and chamfering, finishing, stacking and bundling or material handling – engineers for special purpose machinery and plant equipment will question, scrutinize, investigate, research, develop and design for as long it takes to ensure the smallest detail fits and the best solutions have been founded for the customer. A new system should not just provide customers with a flexible, faster and more economical production solution. It should also bring with it specific competitive advantages. Our customers know that this is not just a promise, but actual corporate policy. Organization and structure of ASMAG are customer oriented and adapted to customer needs. A project manager is a competent partner for each customer and is responsible for all processes from the beginning of a project to start-up at the customer’s site. A qualified engineering team and an experienced production team assure that exactly the equipment desired is delivered to the customer. It is the goal of ASMAG to achieve that.

ASMAG is an owner-managed enterprise founded in 1984. Company policy and management philosophy are reflected in thequality standards, in-house production, customized technical solutions and customer benefits. ASMAG expanded in 2010 by the acquisition of SEUTHE, located in Germany. Since then, the best equipment manufacturer for tube welding and section lines complements and completes ASMAG’s product portfolio. Since these days even medium-size companies must be able to supply solutions and expertise across borders, it only made sense to underscore the ASMAG Group’s international character by establishing a U.S. subsidiary, ASMAG Inc., in Schaumburg, near Chicago. One year later, in 2015, ASMAG acquired not only fixed assets, patents, expertise and know-how when it bought OCN; it also established a new sales subsidiary in Italy at the same time. The extremely constructive cooperation between UPCAST®, a Finnish company, and ASMAG that has proven itself over many years was further strengthened when ASMAG GmbH became a minority shareholder in UPCAST®. Customer benefits come first: higher productivity, better quality, flexible batch sizes, minimal set-up times, simple operation, individual automation and longevity are just a few of them. Beyond that, ASMAG also offers comprehensive after-sales Service.


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