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Ing. Johann Vielhaber

Position: CEO of ASMAG Group

Success isn’t found in fancy offices or big titles; it’s in the everyday dedication and hard work of our team.

Personal Biography

In a sector characterized by rapid changes and technological advancements, it takes a visionary leader to not only steer a company towards success but also sustain it over a formidable period of forty years. Such is the journey of our esteemed CEO, a stalwart in the metal and steel industry, guiding the helm at our respected company which stands tall with 250 dedicated professionals.

Beginning their career over four decades ago, our CEO quickly recognized the pulse of the industry, fostering innovations that are at the heart of modern engineering solutions today. They cultivated a team of experts, encouraging continuous learning and adaption, fostering a culture of excellence and a relentless pursuit of quality.

Under their leadership, our firm has become synonymous with resilience, dedication, and pioneering solutions that cater to a global clientele. Their foresight has not only manifested in state-of-the-art machinery but also in adopting sustainable practices, ensuring a safer and greener tomorrow.

In the world of metal and steel manufacturing, our CEO is not just a leader but a beacon of integrity, innovation, and enduring success. Their journey, laden with rich experiences and unyielding commitment to the industry, continues to inspire and carve paths of unparalleled achievements in the sector.


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Tina Ettinger

Position: Vice President of Sales and Marketing

As the head of our sales and marketing team, I firmly believe that our success is a reflection of our ability to understand and serve our customers better than anyone else.

Personal Biography

Tina Ettinger, the dynamic force steering our sales and marketing division. In an industry as demanding and quality-oriented as the steel and non-ferrous metal industry, Tina stands as a beacon of passion, innovation, and determination.

Tina sees herself as the strong pillar of the team, preferring to operate in the brackground rather than seeking the forefront. Her emphasis on nurturing a work environment, characterized by creativity, collaboration, and compassion, has created a culture that resonates with our team. 

Navigating the industry landscape for an extended period, Tina brings a wealth of experience, offering profound insights that stem from years of observation and adaptability. Despite lacking a technical background, Tina’s approach is grounded in common sense, and she critically assesses situations, asking questions that cut through complexity to unveil pragmatic solutions. Her unique perspective, coupled with a deep understanding of market intricacies, allows her to foresee trends and anticipate shifts, contributing to our company’s strategic positioning. Tina’s ability to blend seasoned industry insights with a practical, common-sense approach underscores her invaluable role as a leader in our organization’s journey of sustained growth and success.

But Tina’s enthusiasm doesn’t stop at our office doors. She is known to champion a nurturing work environment, fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and compassion. Tina firmly believes that cultivating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere is essential for team success. Emphasizing the importance of having fun together, she encourages a harmonious workplace where laughter thrives alongside productivity. It’s her belief that a happy team translates to happy clients.

robert lasshofer

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Lasshofer

Position: Vice President of Engineering and Project Management

As VP of Engineering and Project Management, my focus is clear: timely, quality solutions that drive real impact for our customers.”

Personal Biography

In a realm where precision meets innovation, Robert Lasshofer stands as the guiding force behind our engineering and project management dynasty. Commanding respect through his vast experience and deep understanding of the metal and steel industry, Robert has meticulously crafted his vision into the bedrock of our company’s prodigious engineering success.

Robert stepped into the industry as a harbinger of innovation, pushing boundaries and forging paths where others saw impasses. His journey, grounded in a deep understanding of both the theoretical and practical intricacies of engineering, has been characterized by an unyielding pursuit of efficiency and excellence.

As our Vice President of Engineering and Process Management, he has fostered a culture of relentless innovation, empowering teams to engineer solutions that are not just transformative but set benchmarks in the industry. His leadership style, grounded in empathy and fortified with a relentless pursuit of knowledge, has cultivated a division that stands unrivaled, offering solutions that are both cutting-edge and sustainable.

Under his guidance, we have seen processes metamorphose, becoming symphonies of seamless operations that speak volumes of the meticulous attention to detail embodied in each project. 


Ing. Roland Rathmayr

Position: Vice President of Manufacturing and Customer Service

My role as VP of Manufacturing and Customer Service is all about efficiency, teamwork, and doing our best every day to provide a professional service to our customers.

Personal Biography

In the manufacturing process of ASMAG machinery for the tube and bar industry, Roland Rathmayr stands as a veritable powerhouse of customer-centric leadership and manufacturing excellence. As our Vice President of Manufacturing and Customer Service, Roland has been the linchpin connecting our legacy of premium manufacturing with the heartbeat of our customer base.

From the manufacturing floor to the customer service desk, Roland infuses every aspect of our operations with an unwavering commitment to satisfaction and quality. His understanding of both the intricate processes of manufacturing and the nuanced expectations of our clients allows him to spearhead initiatives to develop superior products which are closely aligned with our customers’ needs and desires.

His journey with us has been characterized by tireless dedication to fostering relationships rooted in trust, active listening and mutual respect. This philosophy has turned our customer service department into a hub of engagement, where feedback is not just welcomed but actively sought, and where every customer interaction is an opportunity to learn, grow, and elevate our offerings.

johannes sieberer kefer

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Sieberer-Kefer

Position: Vice President of Finance and Information Technology

As the Vice President of Finance and IT, my goal is to ensure our  stability while leveraging technology to drive efficiency and growth.

Personal Biography

In the ever-evolving landscapes of finance and technology, Johannes Sieberer-Kefer stands as a dual pillar of expertise and innovation for our company. As our Vice President of Finance and Information Technology, Johannes melds strategic financial acumen with forward-thinking tech proficiency, steering our organization with a steady hand through markets known for their rapid change and complexity.

With an intricate understanding of financial dynamics paired with a futuristic vision for technological advancements, Johannes has been instrumental in crafting strategies that are both fiscally sound and technologically avant-garde. He embodies a fusion of analytical rigor and creative foresight, weaving financial stability with IT innovation, ensuring our company not only remains a leader in the present but is well-poised to define the future.

His tenure has seen the implementation of IT systems that are as robust as they are flexible, capable of adapting to changing industry landscapes while ensuring operational efficiency and financial prudence. Johannes has a knack for recognizing potential, leveraging the latest in technological advancements to streamline processes and maximize financial health, nurturing a framework of sustained growth and stability.

But beyond his strategic insights, Johannes is known for his collaborative approach, fostering cross-departmental synergies that leverage the strengths of each domain to enhance the other. His leadership is characterized by inclusivity and the fostering of a culture where every idea is valued and every team member empowered to contribute towards our collective vision.



Mag. Barbara Vielhaber

Position: Head of Human Resources

As the head of HR, my mission is to foster a culture where our people can thrive, because our success begins and ends with our talented team.

Personal Biography

In the bustling heartbeat of our esteemed organization lies the nurturing presence of Barbara Vielhaber, our steadfast Head of Human Resources. Barbara joined our ranks armed with a rich reservoir of experience and a genuine passion for people, a combination that has sculpted our workforce into a harmonious entity pulsating with shared dreams and unified goals.

With a demeanor grounded in empathy and insight, Barbara effortlessly creates environments where trust isn’t just expected, it’s engendered. She understands that the essence of our success lies in the rich tapestry of experiences, backgrounds, and skills that our employees bring to the table. It is her guiding hand that has woven these individual threads into a vibrant mosaic of collaboration and mutual respect.

Barbara Vielhaber isn’t just a leader; she’s the friendly face and trusted ear that shapes our company vibe. She goes beyond managing people; it’s about building real connections based on respect and helping everyone grow together. In our workplace, Barbara creates a vibe where everyone feels acknowledged and important. ASMAG is not just a team – ASMAG is a family.