Robotic Applications

Empowering industries through robotics.

ASMAG Robotics

At ASMAG, we believe in the practical power of robotics.

Our robotics applications do not solely pertain to the future; rather, they are geared towards immediate enhancements in operational efficiency.

With a focus on practical applications, ASMAG is dedicated to ensuring smoother operations, reducing costs and enhancing work environments through the application of robots.

The establishment of a dedicated robotics department, comprising experienced engineers, underscores ASMAGs commitment to delivering top-tier solutions and maintaining a position at the forefront of innovation in the metal industry.



work safety

Robots can handle heavy and dangerous tasks and thus significantly improve the working environment, allowing workers to focus on more complex roles.

precision and consistency

Robots can perform highly precise tasks with consistent accuracy, which is crucial in metal processing.

efficiency and productivity

Robots work efficiently, leading to increased production rates and reduced downtime.

Automatic Feeding System

Automatic Feeding System
Automatic coil head detection.
Fully automated - operator free process.
High reliability - stable process

Tube Chamfering

Tube Chamfering
Automatic tube detection
Chamfering of bundled tubes
Operator free production

Plug Measuring and Polishing

Plug Measuring and Polishing
Automatic plug detection
For continuous production and quality
Operator free production

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions
Fully adapted to the customers requirements