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Anyone who produces tubes, bars, profiles or wire from steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals or aluminium has found the right partner in the ASMAG Group: ASMAG Group develops, designs, manufactures and services machinery and equipment. Our scope of supply comprises single machines to complete production lines and plants. The heart of the ASMAG Group is the Austrian company ASMAG with its headquarter in Scharnstein and was founded by Mr. Johann Vielhaber in 1984. 

SEUTHE, a leading manufacturer of ERW tube mill and roll forming lines, is located in Germany. The third member in the powerful ASMAG Group is INGENIA in Austria, completing the range with automated crane handling systems, material logistics technology for the steel tube and non-ferrous metal industries and entire galvanizing plants. The global activities of the group are supported by ASMAG USA and the Italian subsidiary ASMAG Italy. 

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1984 - 1994

ASMAG was founded in 1984 by Johann Vielhaber. The early days began in a rented house in St. Konrad. The first machine, a cold circular saw, was sold to Voestalpine St. Aegyd. Furthermore, among others, a special machine for the CERN particle accelerator and a draw-bending machine for the production of the rear spoiler of the Audi 80 were developed and built. 1987 was the start of a new era: ASMAG built the first drawing machine for steel pipes. Soon the space in St Konrad was too small and the desire for a new location including a production hall was great. In 1993, the company moved to the newly built headquarter in Scharnstein, which has remained the location ever since.
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1994 - 2004

During this period, the first order was placed in the USA - a new challenge! As space in the production hall became too small, it was expanded in 1998. In 2001, the assets of the Albert&Bergfeld company were acquired, which led to the first ASMAG level winder.
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2004 - 2014

This decade’s highlights included the recruitment of the 100th employee, the delivery of the first machine to India and the start-up of the first ASMAG spinner block. In 2010, the company SEUTHE in Hemer, Germany, was acquired from Siemens VAI, and in 2011 the investment in UPAST OY, Finland followed. Apprenticeship training was fully established during this time and the quality of education at ASMAG was confirmed by several awards.
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2014 - now

This period was marked by growth. The Italian machine manufacturer OCN, located near Udine, was acquired and transformed into ASMAG Italy. INGENIA was acquired and integrated into the ASMAG Group, broadening the competences in the field of material handling and treatment. Furthermore, additional halls were built and the offices were expanded, with great emphasis on sustainability. In addition, several company vehicles were converted to electric models and e-charging stations were installed. In 2023, the partnership with MSG was initiated and strengthened, enabling ASMAG to offer high-tech measuring systems. In the same year, the German company REIKA was acquired.



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